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Retz Regulator


Work more efficiently using the Retz Regulator Tool! After hearing from utility personnel that they didn’t have a comprehensive tool to set service regulators, Cumberland worked with them and designed a device to meet their need. This unique Retz Regulator Tool can set most any gas service regulator.


  • Tapered hexagon end for residential class regulators
  • Large flat blade end for commercial regulators
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Aluminum anodized finish to eliminate rusting
  • Hexagon shaped body to accept crescent wrench
  • Torque hole for stubborn regulators
  • Universal design for all major brand regulators such as, but not limited to:

              – American 1813
              – Itron B42r
              – Sensus 496
              – Sensus 143
              – Sensus 243

Part Number


RA246 Universal Regulator Adjustment Tool
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