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Silver Bullet


Improve your company image and protect your system operations all in one simple step. The Silver Bullet, with a short piece of PE tubing, does both!

Having tracer wire accessible and functional is an operational efficiency and safety concern of utilities. Many utilities already use a short piece of PE tubing to protect their tracer wire from impacts, breakage, and lightning strikes, but it still exposes the wire to the elements and corrosion. Attach the Silver Bullet to your tracer wire and install on the end of PE tubing for a weather tight seal and years of dependable service.


  • Improves aesthetics of your meter set
  • Provides direct access point for future locating
  • Designed for 14, 12, and 10 gauge wire
  • Tracer wire secured by a stainless steel set screw
  • Barbed insert is filled with corrosion resistant, water displacing gel
  • Fits 1/2” CTS tubing

The Silver Bullet is sold stand alone, in a kit with PE tubing, or as a retrofit kit for existing services to make your meter set more attractive, professional, and functional for years to come.

Part Number


SB050 Silver Bullet
SBP050 Silver Bullet with 18” (1/2” CTS) PE Tubing
SB050K Silver Bullet with 18” (1/2” CTS) PE Tubing & Wire Connector [Retrofit Kit]
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